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Our story began in Marienbad and now it continues in Prague!

David Böhm started his gastronomical career in Marienbad at the Hotel Bohemia. His journey continued to northern Italy and then to England for many years. In England David met the Spaniards who invited him to cook with them at a village fiesta in a remote corner of western Spain. Spain once and for all charmed David. Many journeys followed, acquaintance with winemakers and internships in restaurants and wineries. All this resulted in the opening of the Spanish tapas restaurant Medité in Marienbad. The journey now continues in Prague. El Camino…

The chef of El Camino is Michal Mathé.

After finishing the studies Michal began to work in hotels and restaurants focused on fine dining. The desire for the highest level of experience led him to London where he worked among others at 108 Garage restaurant alongside Chris Denney and at two-star The Ledbury led by Brett Graham. After seven years in Britain Michal decided to return to his native Bohemia. But the desire to discover the diversity of the world of gastronomy did not leave him and so he is happy to be a part of David Böhm's team.

David Böhm

Owner of the restaurant

The owner David is a soul of El Camino. He gained experience in Spain where he worked in several restaurants. Spain is David's great passion. Bringing a piece of authentic Spanish cuisine a local excellent wines to Bohemia was David's dream.